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sometimes i'm old enough to keep routines,
sometimes i'm child enough to scream...
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28th-Feb-2007 12:02 am - all i have to say is...
this made my weekend...

me jeff and tiff
meeting jeff for the fourth time!

aww, nick from bayside and meeee!
and talking to nick from bayside.

i love random run-ins at shows.

time number seventeen and eighteen for seeing the early november are this week!
i am soooooo excited and i need this more than anyone will ever know.
seeing them live is the best thing everrrrr!
21st-Dec-2006 10:09 am(no subject)
i will be seeing the early november for the fourteenth time next wednesday. i am so excited.

this year has been crazy.
i've been neglecting this journal a little too much.
i want to write more, but i feel like my life is too boring.
and i guess i've been consumed with all of this myspace jazz.

christmas is in four days.
this is some crazy shit.
my life flies by.
and i'll be graduating in FIVE short months.

i'll write more when i've got some time to reflect.
7th-Nov-2005 02:47 pm - help me!
i want a free ipod and this really works. i've completed one offer, but i see nobody's signed up. the last time i did this i had like 8 people sign up and nobody complete an offer.
now what i'm saying here is i need some people to just do an offer. i applied for a citi card but i'm cutting it up. there's a trial for real rhapsody that you can just cancel before the time is up. it only takes a few minutes and i'd really really appreciate it if you guys could help me!

1st-Sep-2005 09:51 am - after about two years of nagging...
matthew gave me a promise ring!!

so i'm the happiest girl alive:)

classes are alright i guess.
i just want it to be may so i can graduate already.
other than that i don't have too much to say.
21st-Aug-2005 06:39 pm(no subject)
i hate the "right before college starts" feeling.
you'd think since i'm going into my fourth year i'd be fine.
but i get so stressed and nervous.
i'm more nervous about having a job while i take classes and hoping that i can handle school work too.
i just want school to be over.
one year from now i'll hopefully be working for children and youth, and making some money.
and looking for a school to get my master's degree from.

16th-Aug-2005 11:29 pm(no subject)
old saves the day fits my moods when i'm miserable.
i honestly feel like i'm in tenth grade again.

Oh great here I go again I'm stuck in this rut and I'm not sure how to begin- should I tell you everything? I'm feeling out of luck so I won't see you soon 'cause I know it's too soon for you to see me- if this is the last thing you do just tell me that it's o.k. for me to have these feelings for you and that it's normal to want to call you. Oh I'm dialing the phone and I'm letting it ring for hours and I'm pretending to hear your voice- Why does my heart always beat before yours does? After a while you can make yourself believe in almost anything, so I'm making myself believe in you.
28th-Jul-2005 02:24 pm(no subject)
matthew and i are going to the beach with his family tomorrow until tuesday. i'm excited.
megan and i are getting pierced. i'm getting my nose done and she's getting her navel. i can't fucking wait. i've wanted my nose pierced since i was eighteen. and it's about time i do it.

tonight is lowe's girls night. i love the girls i work with at lowes. they are all so cool, and there's no drama. and i need to be around some females once and a while. it's nice to not have all guy friends.

i never update this thing.
28th-Jun-2005 09:18 pm - rahr!
skldjfdkjowes! i can't believe they're not having warped tour in hershey this year. i wanted to go. i think i'm the only one i know that actually LIKES to go to shows. matt hates them now. and there's nobody around here that likes my kind of music.

speaking of, MAE is coming to the chameleon! which is exciting. now i just need someone to go along with me.
which gets me to the point of "i need friends who like the same things i like". they are so hard to find. it's cool having friends that are into different things, but for once it would be nice if i had a friend to go to all the shows with me.

the get up kids was absolutely amazing. i did not enjoy the french kicks or the band with all of the ruckus on stage (john ralston). but i'd sit through them any day for the get up kids. it was nothing short of what i expected. i KNEW they would play "i'll catch you" as the last song when they came out for the encore, but we had headed to the back, but i saw it on the tv screen. it makes me sad to know that this was the last time i will ever see them live again. they define the beginning of my love for music. their songs are things i've lived. and matt and i decided that when we get married, "i'll catch you" will be our first dance song, even if my cousin nikki did it first. i guess i just can't believe that they're stopping, that there's nothing left for them to do musically as a group. chris carraba showed up and sang "don't hate me" with them. it was strange but it's cool that he's a fan, although i'm not huge on dashboard anymore. matt (the lead singer) looked like he was going to cry. i enjoyed being right in front of james. and i hope to god that my pictures came out.

matt's here so i must finish this later!
I’ve got a feeling
it’s not the safest place to start.
This heavy breathing,
it seems
we’re better off breaking hearts.
and the beginning
dove down
and lost all his charm.
just wanna wake up
wake up in someone’s...

I just wanna wake up.

I just wanna wake up, in someone else’s arms.

i guess they're at the tla tonight... i so would have gone by myself to see them. and of course they were at the chameleon lastnight.

i want to go to like 50 shows coming up...
22nd-Feb-2005 11:26 am(no subject)
i want some chai tea.
and to win the lottery.
so then i can buy a big house for matthew and me.
and we won't have to go to college.
and i'd buy a puppy since i was never allowed to have pets.
and i'd pay off my mom's and grandparent's homes and cars.
and yeah... i have high hopes.
so i should waste all of my money on lucky for life.
because i need more money.

in other news... i got the placement at children in youth!
nobody knows how happy that makes me.
now i don't have to waste 2 hours a day driving to kutztown on my "day off".
and i can soon find a job.
because i'm in dire need of money.
and i wish my mom would get called back to work.
because i was really thiking about dropping out of school so i could work.
because not having health insurance sucks.
and i'd probably have to sell my car.
and not be able to drive at all since my car insurance is a million dollars a year.

i've got so much to do today, it's rediculous!
and i don't even know where to start...
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